Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mazal Tov to Eliyahu Margulis for Making a Siyum on Massechet Brachot!

סימן טוב ומזל טוב יהא לנו ולכל ישראל אמן!!!
This past Thursday evening, the 24th of Tevet, Eliyahu (Jonathan) Margulis, came all the way back from the States, from school in Washington D.C to do some good learning in the Mechina, and to finish the fifth chapter of Massechet Berachot.
He started the chapter about a year ago when he first joined the Mechina, and continued to seriously study it after his year was over.
What a Zechut for him and for us!!!
We had a nice Siyum in the dining room where Eliyahu shared words of wisdom on the Gemara, over some Lechayim's and Nosh, and we all sang and gave him Berachot.
May he continue to study Torah and grow closer to Hashem wherever he is, and may he shine that same light to others around him!
Mazal Tov!!!!

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