Thursday, December 30, 2010

Va'era Parashat Hashavua

"ויאמר ה' אל משה ראה נתתיך אלוקים לפרעה ואהרן אחיך יהיה נביאך" ( שמות ז,א)
And the LORD said unto Moses: 'See, I have set thee in God's stead to Pharaoh; and Aaron thy brother shall be thy prophet.

During the Exodus the nation of Israel had two leaders, Moses and Aaron. What was the role of each one? Rashi explains that Moses was the one that judged and hit Pharaoh, while Aaron was the interpreter. In the desert, he explains, they also had different roles towards the nation. Moses was the king and judge, while Aaron established peace between individuals and between the nation and their Father in heaven. Two brothers, two leaders that complement one another. Truthfully, their sister Miriam also joins then as a leader during the Exodus. In the dessert, the nation receives three presents because of their merit: the manna because of Moses, the Clouds of Glory because of Aaron, and the water well because of Miriam.

Moses, as a king is concerned with the Parnassah of the nation, hence the manna. Aaron who made peace between Israel and Hashem brought them the Clouds of Glory, Hashem's presence.

During the final redemption we will also have two leaders, Mashiach and Elijah the prophet. Mashiach is the king parallel to Moses, and Elijah is like Aaron that comes to return the hearts of the parents to the children and the hearts of the children to the parents. May we merit the final redemption speedily in our days!
יהי רצון שנזכה לביאת גואל במהרה בימנו!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Mechinat Avnei Eitan



Mechinot are a new generation of yeshivot in Israel that are dedicated to preparing young men to successfully meet the challenges that face the believing man who lives as a full citizen of his country, and participates fully in the modern world. There are over 30 mechinot located throughout the country, and they are renowned for having provided a positive turning point in the lives of many Israelis.

Graduates of mechinot are mentally and physically equipped to assume positions of command in the IDF and in life. This is accomplished by a comprehensive program which combines training in personal fitness, leadership skills and survival training with a unique approach to Jewish education.

Both military and civilian life requires the believing Jew to clarify his religious orientation to both himself and others he serves with. Therefore the mechinah's educational program also emphasizes education in areas of Hashkafa, Emunah and Halachah, generally not covered in conventional yeshivot.

What Can LYA Offer You?


Students learn practical skills encouraging them to be responsible and decisive, to persevere, build their self-esteem and use their personal capabilities to the maximum.

This is done through special programs including army training exercises, group dynamics, survival courses, treks, martial arts, etc. Through our special activities students receive the life-long tools to help them in their personal endeavors and to assume leadership roles that will best contribute to Am Israel and Eretz Israel.


Where better to connect to Torah than the land and home of the Jewish people?

LYA has a comprehensive Torah curriculum, emphasizing Gemara, hashkafa, Tanach, chasidut and much more. Additionally, LYA has integrated their Torah studies with Hispin Hesder Yeshiva. Students benefit: (1) From learning with advanced Israeli chevrutot; (2) The high Torah standards espoused by Israeli Yeshivot; and (3) Making personal contact with their Israeli peers. Our intensive learning program equips students with the skills to continue independent Torah study for life.


Students undertake several courses at an Israeli Academic Institute. Courses are run through the Department of Israel Studies and include a range of topics focusing on the political and social issues of the Middle East.
The courses give students an in depth understanding of contemporary Jewish and Israeli national issues. This will help them better understand and represent Israel to their peers and on college campuses. Students receive university accreditation.