Monday, December 27, 2010

What Can LYA Offer You?


Students learn practical skills encouraging them to be responsible and decisive, to persevere, build their self-esteem and use their personal capabilities to the maximum.

This is done through special programs including army training exercises, group dynamics, survival courses, treks, martial arts, etc. Through our special activities students receive the life-long tools to help them in their personal endeavors and to assume leadership roles that will best contribute to Am Israel and Eretz Israel.


Where better to connect to Torah than the land and home of the Jewish people?

LYA has a comprehensive Torah curriculum, emphasizing Gemara, hashkafa, Tanach, chasidut and much more. Additionally, LYA has integrated their Torah studies with Hispin Hesder Yeshiva. Students benefit: (1) From learning with advanced Israeli chevrutot; (2) The high Torah standards espoused by Israeli Yeshivot; and (3) Making personal contact with their Israeli peers. Our intensive learning program equips students with the skills to continue independent Torah study for life.


Students undertake several courses at an Israeli Academic Institute. Courses are run through the Department of Israel Studies and include a range of topics focusing on the political and social issues of the Middle East.
The courses give students an in depth understanding of contemporary Jewish and Israeli national issues. This will help them better understand and represent Israel to their peers and on college campuses. Students receive university accreditation.

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