Monday, December 27, 2010


Mechinot are a new generation of yeshivot in Israel that are dedicated to preparing young men to successfully meet the challenges that face the believing man who lives as a full citizen of his country, and participates fully in the modern world. There are over 30 mechinot located throughout the country, and they are renowned for having provided a positive turning point in the lives of many Israelis.

Graduates of mechinot are mentally and physically equipped to assume positions of command in the IDF and in life. This is accomplished by a comprehensive program which combines training in personal fitness, leadership skills and survival training with a unique approach to Jewish education.

Both military and civilian life requires the believing Jew to clarify his religious orientation to both himself and others he serves with. Therefore the mechinah's educational program also emphasizes education in areas of Hashkafa, Emunah and Halachah, generally not covered in conventional yeshivot.

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