Saturday, January 1, 2011

Sea-to-Sea Trek!

Last week LYA students set on the traditional Sea-to-Sea trek that started in the Nahariya area on Israel’s northern seashore and ended by the Kinnert (The Sea of Galilee).

This was a grueling, non-stop three day hike that tested both the students’ physical and mental endurance.

As in previous years the students finished the trek and MADE US PROUD!

Avi Gluck reports:
We got back from Yam Li Yam on Thursday. We hiked, camped out and made our own food while traveling over 65 kilometers and having loads of fun. When we got back we were treated to a delicious dinner made by Rav Asher, and after unpacking, went to sleep exhausted but satisfied with our accomplishment.
Over Shabbat we were visited by a number of Alumni who shared their experiences with us from the Mechina, the army, and college.

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