Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dvar Torah - Parashat Ki Tisah-Rav Amiad

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  1. Dvar Torah - Parashat Ki Tisah-Rav Amiad
    How can it be that only forty days after Am Israel who hear Hashem talking to them, are like prophets, and they receive the Torah, are so quick to sin with the Golden Calf?
    What comes quickly goes quickly: They left Egypt fifty days before, after they had sunk to the lowest 49th level of Tumah – impurity. They then stood at the Yam-Suf, the Sea of Reeds, where the Angels said to Hashem "they worshiped idols, they worshiped idols! Why are they better than the Egyptians?" and after fifty days they merit to receive the Torah and have Divine revelation.

    Am Yisrael merited all this because Hashem chose them, but this was without personal work, without "אתערותא דלתתא" – awakening from below. Therefore it did not last to long. If so, why did Hashem give us the Torah then? Why did he not wait until we had started working on ourselves and a few years later would have given us the Torah?

    Because you cannot begin to work without there being a beginning from above, an extra push from above. Thanks to Matan Torah we now have the tools to work and a direction to go.
    May we merit to speedily reach, in our days, the day when "יהיה ה' אחד ושמו אחד" Hashem will be one and his name will be one.