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Mechinat Avnei Eitan - LYA

Mechinat Avnei Eitan - LYA
Parashat Vayakhel 2011 - פרשת ויקהל תשע"א

Dvar Torah

By Rabbi Amiad Seltzer

(ויעש את הכיור נחושת ואת כנו נחושת במראות הצובאות אשר צבאו פתח אוהל מועד" (שמות לח,ח
And he made the washbasin of copper and its base of copper from the mirrors of the women, who congregated at the entrance of the appointed tent." (Shemot 38:8)

Rashi explains: "The daughters of Israel possessed mirrors into which they would look when adorning themselves and even those mirrors they did not withhold from bringing as a contribution for the mishkan. However, Moshe found them repulsive since their purpose was to incite the Yetzer-HaRah. Hashem said to him: Accept them, for these are dearer to me than everything else because through them the women raised huge multitudes in Egypt. When their husbands were exhausted from their crushing labor, the women would go and bring them food and drink and feed them. They would then take the mirrors and each one would look at herself and her husband in the mirror, and entice him with words, saying, "See! I am more beautiful than you," thereby awakening their husbands' desire and they would cohabit with them. They conceived and gave birth there… The wash-basin was made out of them for it served to bring about peace between a man and his wife"
There is not much more to add to this wonderful explanation of Rashi. Yet, I  would just like to emphasize how wonderful Am Israel are that they brought all what they had as a contribution to the Mishkan. We also need to realize how important it is in Hashem's eyes to bring children in to the world and to have healthy Shalom Bayit. Furthermore, we should delve deeper into this teaching that the Yetzer HaRah can, and should be used for Avodat Hashem, thus expressing its positive role in the world.

Mechina News

This month the students celebrated Tu Beshvat, learned the basics of navigation in preparation for survival week, and, finally, experienced a week living on the edge as part Survival Week

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To see pictures of Survival Week click here

Check out this fascinating article about battle ethics in the IDF which includes an interview with one of our alumni. Click here

Alon Moreshet is currently in the States, if you wish to contact him email him at or call him at 516-849-7269

Alumni Updates

Yair Klyman and Moshe Feldman had the swearing ceremony at the Kotel/ Mazal Tov!

Stanley Dayan and Uriya Kenigsberg enlisted in the army. Mazal Tov!

A warm Mazal-Tov goes to our Rosh Mechina, Rav Erez and his wife Ester on the recent engagement of their daughter Shani to Ido. There was a lively and large engagement party in the Moshav that many people as well as the students attended, celebrating together this great Simcha.

A hearty Mazal-Tov to Rav Amiad, whose younger sister Cherut got married last week.
May both of them merit to build a proud Jewish family rooted in Torah and Mitzvot out of love, caring, and respect for each other, in Eretz Yisrael! Mazal Tov

Sefer Torah

We are proud to announce that the Hachnasat Sefer Torah will take place IY"H on March 31st. The final letters will be written at 4:30 pm followed by Mincha at 5:00 pm. The celebration will start after Mincha.

We are close to collecting all the necesary funds, however, we still need some final donations. Please contact us if you are interested in donating.

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