Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Dvar Torah - Parashat Pekudei-Rav Amiad

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  1. Dvar Torah - Parashat Pekudei-Rav Amiad

    This week we finish Sefer Shemot.

    The Ramban calls Shemot "the book of exile and redemption" because it starts with exile, with Bnei Israel going down to Egypt and the Egyptian enslavement, and the book ends when the exile is over. However, in reality Sefer Shemot does not end in Parashat Beshalach with the parting of the Yam-Suf, rather it continues with Matan Torah and it only finishes in our Parasha:
    "ויכס הענן את אהל מועד וכבוד ה' מלא את המשכן" ( שמות מ, לד)

    "And cloud covered the Mishkan, and the glory of Hashem filled the Mishkan" (Shemot 40:34).

    The redemption does not end with the freedom, rather when the Shechina arrives. The purpose of the redemption is not to be free in order to do as we please, rather to be close to Hashem and be inspired by the Shechina. The book of VaYikra teaches us how to bring down the Shechina: the korbanot and the Avodah in the Mishkan, all this is a direct continuation to the end of Sefer Shemot.

    Today, we are thanks to Hashem, in the beginning of the redemption, but we do not just want to be " עם חופשי בארצנו" a free nation in our land, rather "בארץ ציון ירושלים" in the land of Zion, Jerusalem. Meaning, the Beit Hamikdash and the dwelling of the Shechina; may we merit them quickly in our days.