Monday, November 7, 2011

LYA at the IDF fair

Today LYA went to a number of military exhibitions in the Golan, first up was a presentation from Avigdor Kahalani telling his amazing story. Then we went to a presentation and drill at Tel-Fachar by the Golani brigade, where we learned about the history of Golani, its importance and the battles that happened at Tel-Fachar. After that we went to a military fair where we toured around and looked at a number of different units, including Golani, Shayettet Sholsh-Esrai, Shiryon, Mishteret G'vul and many others. At the fair we got to play with the units various toys (read guns, tanks, rocket launchers) talk to soldiers, and finally see a live fire demonstration with a number of tanks and a rocket launcher, video to follow. For some cool pictures check out our facebook group.

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