Saturday, November 5, 2011

Shabbat Bogrim

This Shabat we had an alumni Shabbat, many alumni attended with a great showing from machzor zayin, many of whom are drafting the the IDF in a few weeks. Also in attendance was LYA's highest ranking officer, Ya'akov Sullivan. We had a very beautiful Shabbat with everyone eating together Friday night dinner and then an oneg where we sang the night away. The next day we had Rav Asher's class at 7:30am before shacharit where we had the usual and much beloved Ice Coffee and ruggalech. We davened shacharit all together and then went to our adopted families for lunch. After lunch we had a restful Shabbat afternoon. After mincha we ate sudat shlishit in the beit midrash with Rav Erez. During sudat shlishit Rav Erez told us a story about a great Rabbi from Warsaw, Poland who's yartziet is today and about recognizing miracles and your personal signs from G-d.

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